Cook in Rome

Colloseum Cake

Colloseum Cake, fab or what?

We’re all getting excited this week, as it sees head bakey person, Susan returning from Rome. She assures us that she’s laden with new and fantastic recipes for orange and polenta cake, and has wonderful new things to do with datelike fruits and clovelike spice.

We’ve also missed her hugely, and I think she’s missed us too – although I’m sure she’d rather have stayed in Italy for a little while longer though!

Ooh, before I forget, I need to verify the blog with Technorati. Sorry to be technical: 8DY2SHTCF3DA. Ignore this bit if you like. It just helps to promote the blog so that it gets to the people who might find it interesting.

Anyway, back to the main event – Susan’s European adventure. She’s spent three weeks immersing herself in all things Belgian, French, Swiss and Italian, but mostly bakey. I’m not sure that we’re expecting anything like the cake in the accompanying picture (thanks to Cake Central for that one), but there’ll be some upheaval we’ve no doubt. Watch the website for more on that one.

More soon – HBK


Onward and Upward

Crikey, it’s really difficult trying to find the time to write this blog. I never realised how busy I am until now. Anyway, I’m squeezing this in while some sponges are a browning. I’ve been playing around with all manner of goodies lately.

Chocolate Marshmallows

Chocolate Marshmallows

A firm favourite in my household are the chocolate marshmallows. I know this, because they always disappear before I know it. It’s a good job I don’t bake at home for the clients otherwise they’d be short in their orders – not good for business.

We’ve been busy looking for a new distribution agent lately, as the deliveries are becoming an issue. With too many clients for our sole agent we desperately need someone else in order for Home Bake Kitchen to continue to grow. It’s incredible though that we can’t find anyone with the right skills to fill the position. So if you live in the Leeds area, give us a call and we’ll see if you’ve got ‘the right stuff’! The right stuff is a driving license and good social skills!

Anyway, the timer’s pinging away, so I’d better get that oven door open.

Later, HBK

Introducing Home Bake Kitchen

Ooh, where to start? Well, we’re Home Bake Kitchen – hello!

Home Bake Kitchen logo

Home Bake Kitchen logo

HBK is a new company based in Dewsbury, near Leeds, West Yorkshire – that’s in England (not the New variety). we make cakes, buns, cookies, tarts, slices and all manner of other yummies that we sell online and deliver locally. This local delivery is set to become a little less than local though, as we get more well known (and tasted).

Our primary aim is not to make produce that looks nice (although it generally does), but to make sure that it tastes like it’s just come out of the oven of someone who really knows and cares what she’s doing (and she does).

We’ll hopefully be giving out some of our recipes and tips in this blog. After all, it’s no secret what goes into our produce (just the best ingredients), but it’s how they’re put together that counts – and we’ll show you how that’s done too.

We’ll also be introducing you to ourselves and telling you a little about how things are developing in the Home Bake Kitchen world, just to show you how human we are.

More soon, bye…